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Monte Sant’Angelo

Monte Sant’Angelo

There is a town, in Apulia, chosen by an Archangel, as His earthly abode. His name is Michael and His Shrine, UNESCO World Heritage Site, since more than 500 years, is a destination of pilgrimage from all over the world.

There is a Grotto, dedicated to Him, that has generated a town where Byzantines, Lombards, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, and Aragons left important traces of their passage making it a “casket” of history and remarkable culture.

There is a town, in Gargano National Park, where the ancient trees of an enchanted forest draw unexpected paths.

It is a real naturalistic shrine protected by UNESCO.

There is a town where the mountain hugs the sea, where 24 rock-cut hermitages “tell the silence”, where footpaths were created along the road leading to the Holy Land, where the gastronomic tradition intertwines with folklore, where the typical white houses come together with the blue sky painting magic harmonies.

There is a town where the Beauty lives. There is an amazing town, a place of culture, soul and good food, with unique exciting naturalistic experiences. There is a town, ours, where we welcome you.

Monte Sant’Angelo is the town with two World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO.

Someone said that during our life,encounters can change us.
When we meet someone, we begin a journey of mutual discovery.
Monte Sant’Angelo is history, culture, spirituality, art, two heritage recognized by UNESCO, flavours, nature and silence.
A plot that creates something unique. This is Monte Sant’Angelo: not only a city to visit, but specially a meeting to do.


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