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Castello Normanno Svevo Aragonese


Located on the highest point of the city, the Norman-Swabian and Aragonese Castle, stands tall and looks down the whole Gargano promontor, the Gulf of Manfredonia, the Tableland and much of our regional coast, offering a panoramic spectacle of rare beauty. A real “balcony on Apulia”. Its construction dates from the first half of the 800 at the behest of the Lombard Orso I, bishop of Benevento. Over the centuries, the Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo was the subject of various dominations that determined the architecture and charm of this monument, valuable evidence of the passage and the meeting of peoples and cultures. The Tower of the Giants shows the passage in this place of the Normans. The Swabian Frederick II, made it a residential castle to host the beloved, the Countess Bianca Lancia from Torino, and he built for her the hall called the “Treasury”. The Angevins used it as a state prison - famous detentions of the Swabian princess Philippa of Antioch and Queen Giovanna, probably murdered in the castle in 1328, whose remains are preserved in the church of San Francesco. Only with the Aragonese the castle returned to its former glory and took on the appearance that has remained unaltered, with the construction of two circular towers and one in the shape of a ship’s hull. Over the centuries the castle passed from hand to hand, until 1907, when it was purchased by the City of Monte Sant’Angelo, which today preserves this monument full of history and legends. timetables 9:30 - 13 | 14:30 – 19entrance euro 2,00

Monte Sant'Angelo