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Ancient Gargano, traditions and handicrafts

The Gargano is a naturalistically enchanting and intact territory, which over the centuries, given its authentic character, has developed skills and adaptability in men, stimulating over time a flourishing creativity, today the basis of an esteemed local craftsmanship.

Ancient uses of raw materials

The variety of the area is expressed in the rich availability of raw materials and the development of possible ways of using them, defined from time to time according to the needs of domestic and working life. The materials used were of various kinds, but terracotta, ceramics and wood predominated. The loom and its related weaving was widely used, characterised by subjects taken from nature and animal life, sometimes combined with subjects of religious inspiration, as was customary in peasant culture.

A craft tradition is still alive today that interprets cultural roots well, distinguishing itself also in the working of iron and copper, from whose manipulation true masterpieces are generated.