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The most beautiful medieval villages of Gargano

Apulia is one of the favourite destinations, along with the islands, for summer holidays, managing to combine historical beauty with a natural heritage of great value. In addition to its crystal-clear waters, in fact, it presents a network of cultural, natural, enogastronomic and spiritual points of interest of great charm and fascination. So, if you want to discover the authentic soul of the region, far from the most touristy circuits, it is worth visiting the spur of Italy and exploring the Gargano’s most beautiful medieval villages.

Gargano’s most beautiful medieval villages

Astonishing for its particular conformation is Rodi Garganico, a small town built ‘in the arms’ of the sea. Always based on fishing, even its physical shape derives from the sea, with the houses that make up the town all overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Citrus fruits, especially orange and lemon, are typical in this area. Also not to be missed is San Giovanni Rotondo, the burial place of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, but also rich in other and independent testimonies that contribute to making it an attractive destination.

Breathing an ancient past

Rignano Garganico is a small pearl, due to the renowned belvedere that has made it famous throughout the Peninsula, granting it the nickname of ‘Balcony of Apulia’. In its small historic centre, medieval testimonies overlap with echoes of more remote eras, as far back as the Palaeolithic, as well documented by the archaeological site of Grotta Paglicci. Finally, San Nicandro Garganico is also worth a visit. This place is especially interesting for its natural conformation. Enclosed between two lakes, it offers different types of landscape and is remarkable for its karstic nature. In fact, it is home to the Pozzatina doline, the largest in Europe.