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Orchids of the Umbrian forest: a unique spectacle in the heart of the Gargano

Apulia is a land of natural wonders. In fact, it boasts no less than five national parks throughout its territory. The most famous is certainly that of the Alta Murgia, which extends in the area between Bari and Barletta. Then there is the Terra delle Gravine Regional Natural Park in the province of Taranto, characterised by one of the most peculiar canyons in the entire Mediterranean area. Finally, again among the best known, there is that of the Gargano located right on the ‘spur’ of the Boot. Hidden within it is the Foresta Umbra. Its name literally means ‘shady’ and almost certainly refers to its large presence of beeches, holm oaks and turkey oaks. Every year, however, it attracts tourists and the curious especially for a very special phenomenon, the flowering of orchids.

The spontaneous flowering of orchids

Along this perimeter there are many varieties of orchids. In fact, you can find 54 species of this flower of the 80 existing and some of them are exclusively native. Unlike those born in tropical habitats, these have smaller dimensions, while maintaining the same richness of colors and shades. This phenomenon is probably due to the presence of a very particular microclimate: 1,065 meters overlooking the sea. To watch this show it is advisable to visit the site in the spring months, preferably from April to June.